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Town of Kirkwood Upper Court Street Visual Preference Survey
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BMTS, in cooperation with the Town of Kirkwood, is preparing a corridor study of Upper Court Street, between Colesville Road and the Binghamton city line.  The study will include recommendations on how Upper Court Street and the surrounding area should look and function in the future. 

We invite you to help shape the study's recommendations and the future of Upper Court Street by taking the following survey.  Your participation will help ensure that the study reflects cultural, environmental, aesthetic, safety, and mobility preferences of those who live, own property, work or travel in the study area.

In the survey you will be asked to compare and choose between two side by side images.  With each choice there will be gains and trade-offs.  For example, less vehicle travel lanes may slow down vehicle traffic, which may increase travel times.  However, slower speeds would improve safety, and less vehicles travel lanes would allow space for sidewalks and landscaping.  Please study each image and consider potential trade-offs/benefits before choosing your preference.  Captions under some pictures include possible trade-offs/benefits.  Choose the image you prefer by clicking the white circle located in the upper left corner.  

You may start the survey by clicking the Next button below.  Please note that if you are viewing this survey on a tablet or mobile device you may need to scroll your screen from left to right to see each side by side image. Your survey responses will be confidential and data from this survey will be reported only in the aggregate.  

If you have any questions or wish to stay informed about this study, please email your contact information, including an email address, to or call us at (607) 778-2443.